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How Should Cheeky Bikini Bottoms Fit?

by Admin ‎ on Jul 14, 2022

It’s summertime! And when I say “summertime”, I mean it literally. Summertime means that we all get to wear whatever we like, whenever we like. We can go out barefoot, swimsuit optional, and still feel comfortable wearing short shorts and crop tops. But sometimes, when you’re trying to look cute, you just need some extra support. And that’s where cheeky bikini bottoms come in. They give you the kind of support you need without making you look too sexy. So here’s everything you need to know about cheeky bikini bottoms so you can find the perfect pair for yourself.

1. What Are Cheeky Bikini Bottoms?

Cheeky bikini bottoms are cut low around the waistline but high above the hips. They usually feature a wide band that wraps around the tummy area and gives you added support. These styles are also known as ‘belly bands’ because they wrap around the belly area.

2. How Do Cheeky Bikini Bottom Styles Fit?

Cheeky bottom styles tend to fall between a size medium and large. However, if you prefer something smaller, then you may want to try a small. If you prefer something larger, then you may want a medium or large.

3. Where Can You Buy Cheeky Bikini Top Styles?

You can buy cheeky bikini bottoms at department stores, specialty shops, and even online retailers.

4. What Size Should You Wear?

Most women choose to wear a size medium or large. If you’re unsure, then you can always order a size up or down from your usual size.

5. How Long Do Cheeky Bikinis Last?

A cheeky bikini bottom style tends to last longer than a regular bikini bottom. Because these styles are made to provide additional support, they tend to hold up well over time.

Wearing cheeky bikini bottoms is a great way to show off your curves. They are also a great way to be comfortable in your own skin and feel confident about your body. So, if you are looking for a way to feel sexy and confident this summer, make sure to add some cheeky bikini bottoms to your wardrobe!

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